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T & S Reimbursement rules

Travel & Subsistence (T&S) reimbursement rules for Education and Training Courses, and Transnational Access

EUFAR2 is a European FP7 Integrating Activity administratively coordinated by Météo-France. Météo-France receives funding from the European Commission to support Travel & Subsistence expenses related to EUFAR activities. Travel & Subsistence reimbursement procedures must follow the Météo-France rules, as described below:



People entitled to have their T&S costs supported by EUFAR are:

  • for Transnational Access proposals, those listed in the application form,
  • for Education&Training proposals, the applicant.

For Education & Training Courses, the registration form (available here) must be sent by the selected participants to the EUFAR Office at least 2 months before the start of the course. All reservations (flight, hotel) will be made by the EUFAR Office, unless previously agreed.

For all other application types, an estimate (available here) of the T&S costs must be sent to the EUFAR Office for approval at least 3 months before the start of the research campaign. Depending on the campaign location and the number of users, the EUFAR Office may impose a maximum amount and request a new estimate (feedback returned within 2 weeks).

The EUFAR Office will proceed with the reimbursement upon receipt of the final scientific report and:

  • original invoices (taxi, toll, hotel, etc.), tickets, boarding passes (when flying)...
  • one banking details form (available here) per person/institute to be reimbursed.
  • one travel costs claim form SIGNED (available here) per person to be reimbursed (or detailed invoice and copies of all proof of expenses per institute to be reimbursed).

The reimbursement can also be managed directly by the aircraft operator of your campaign, up to the same maximum amount as previously agreed by the EUFAR Office, and according to the operator's reimbursement rules and claiming methods. However, a previous agreement from the aircraft operator is required.



Aircraft tickets:

All train/flight tickets should be booked by the EUFAR Office (
Aircraft tickets must be booked, as far as practical, two months before departure in order to get the most favourable rate. All travel must be made at the economical rate. It may be possible to stay for the week-end as it is very often the case that flight tickets including a Saturday night stopover are much cheaper. Therefore, the traveller can be reimbursed for her/his subsistence costs (the week-end before or after the meeting or campaign) if she/he can prove that the savings made on the flight ticket is more than the subsistence costs incurred due to the additional days.

Receipts required: boarding pass + travel agency invoice (if any)

Train, Bus, Parking tickets...:

Receipts required: tickets + travel agency invoice (if any)


Should only be taken if public transport is unavailable or if carrying heavy or expensive items.

Receipts required: taxi receipts

Use of private car:

Reimbursement is made on the basis of €0.32 per kilometer (independent of engine capacity). Fuel is included in the kilometer rate. Road tolls may be paid extra. When two or more participants travel together by car, travel costs will be reimbursed to only one person.

Receipts required: copy of calculation of number of kilometers from or websites, road toll receipts (if any).


A daily rate (per diem) is paid to each traveller (see table at end for maximum individual country rates). This rate depends on the country and is subject to change by the French regulation offices. Accompanying person, laundry, bar bills, private telephone calls, wireless internet access, etc. cannot be reimbursed by Météo-France and therefore the person on mission is liable to pay these extra charges. Costs of health, life and luggage insurance cannot also be reimbursed by EUFAR. 

Receipts required: hotel invoice; (meal receipts may be required).
Contact the EUFAR Office to verify the daily T&S rate and for further information on T&S issues.


The EUFAR Office at Météo-France in Toulouse:

EUFAR Office / Lilian Diarra
42, avenue Gaspard Coriolis
31057 Toulouse Cedex 1 - FRANCE
Phone: +33 5 61 07 98 37
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