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Instrument: MetAir Multi-parameter turbulence Z-probe

Name MetAir Multi-parameter turbulence Z-probe
Acronym MetAir-ZHAW
Manufacturer ZHAW - Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Manufacturer website
Operated by METAIR
Operated onboard

Instrument type

Name Incident flow vector probe
Acronym Incident flow vector probe

Principle of operation

Measured parameter Airspeed; Incidence angle; Turbulence
Operating principle

5/9-hole probe or radome used to define aircraft-relative wind at high frequency. Pressure Measurement and pressure gauges are described above in "pressure" measurement type

Measurement(s) Wind & Fluxes

Dimension and weight

External dimension diameter 8 cm; length 20 cm or longer (user-specified)
Weight 1.5


Operating mode In situ






own development

Operational restriction

no heavy rain, aircraft slower than 100 m/s
(could be upgraded for faster aircraft)

Operational requirements

The unit can be flown absolutely autonomous including power by battery and data logging (because it was developed for medium-sized UAV). However, it can also be integrated in another aircraft system.

Certification approvals

no, it's experimental, for use on UMARS and DIMO. However, the design was made to allow certification.

Additional information

Can replace older "BAT probes", having the advantage that it is smaller, more accurate, and includes high-quality humidity and a low-cost IMU (sufficient for slow UAV; should be backed-up by a larger IMU for aircraft).
Software for the post-processing of the raw data including in-flight calibration procedures are included in the package. Needs a training of one or two days.

Access, host and processing


on request to
We also intend to make it available to buy for
about 20 kEUR including IMU and logger.

Could also fit on any aircraft having the following characteristics

General description

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