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Instrument: Manchester University SPEC Cloud Particle Imager

Name Manchester University SPEC Cloud Particle Imager
Acronym SPEC-CPI
Manufacturer Stratton Park Engineering Company Inc.
Operated by UNIMAN
Operated onboard

Instrument type

Name Cloud Particle Imager
Acronym Cloud Particle Imager

Principle of operation

Measured parameter Ice or droplet shape
Operating principle

- Measurement of mixed ice-water phase cloud microphysical properties:
- Ice crystal size distribution and concentration
- Ice crystal shape and habit/Ice water content
- Supercooled droplet and Freezing drizzle drop measurement/identification
- 1 million pixel CCD camera with 2.3µm size resolution provides images of particles up to 2mm in size. Up to 40 frames s-1 with up to 100 particles per frame. Sample volume 1 l/sec at 200 m s-1.
- Individual particle images are identified, sized, cropped and stored in real time.

Measurement(s) Clouds & Precipitation

Dimension and weight

External dimension Height = 14.187 " Length = 27.164 " Width base = 4.5 " Sample cylinder 6.25" diameter
Weight 0.0


Operating mode In situ






Common SPEC Cloud Particle Imager

Operational restriction

Operational requirements

Will mount to standard PMS Probe foot* either underwing mounting point or any free-stream mounting point without velocity perturbation upwind of probe

Certification approvals

Certified for FAAM BAe146

Additional information

Access, host and processing


Request University of Manchester (SEAES) for more details

Could also fit on any aircraft having the following characteristics

General description

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