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Instrument: Portable Lidar System

Name Portable Lidar System
Acronym POLIS
Manufacturer Universität München
Manufacturer website
Operated by FUB
Operated onboard

Instrument type

Name Aerosol LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging)
Acronym Aerosol LIDAR

Principle of operation

Measured parameter Aerosol backscatter coefficient
Operating principle

Laser pulses are transmitted, the backscattered radiation is collected in a telescope and measured by appropriate detectors. The ranging is done by measuring the pulse travel time. The backscattered signal contains information on the microphysical particle properties (aerosol Lidar).

Measurement(s) Active Remote Sensing

Dimension and weight

External dimension Laser-Telescope-Optics 15 kg, 809x340 mm Power-supply and Cooling Unit 15 kg, 380x360x203 mm Acquisition electronics 11 kg PC 19", 3 HE, 12 kg
Weight 53.0


Operating mode Remote sensing






Operational restriction

Operational requirements

230 V

Certification approvals

Additional information

Laser: Nd-YAG (\Brilliant Ultra")
Wavelengths: 355 nm
Pulse-Energy: 7.8 mJ
Repetition rate: 1 - 20 Hz
Beam-divergence: 0.69 mrad
Telescope: Dall-Kirkham, 200 mm
Field of View: typ. +-2:5 mrad
Range: >70 m below aircraft to ground
Vertical resolution: 7.5 m
Size: 0.6 m3

Access, host and processing


Please contact Mathhias Wiegner for additional information

Could also fit on any aircraft having the following characteristics

General description

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