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Instrument: Meteo-France Fast Forward Scattering Spectrometer

Name Meteo-France Fast Forward Scattering Spectrometer
Acronym Fast-FSSP-100-MeteoFrance
Manufacturer Meteo-France modified PMS FSSP-100 probe
Operated by Meteo-France/CNRM
Operated onboard

Instrument type

Name Cloud Droplet Size Spectrometer
Acronym Cloud Droplet Spectrometer

Principle of operation

Measured parameter Cloud droplet size spectra, number concentration and water content,
Operating principle

Optical probe. Cloud droplets pass through sample volume, where they scatter a laser beam. Scattered light picked up by detectors allowing size to be determined. Bulk quantities such as total droplet number concentrations, liquid water content, or effective droplet radius can be derived.
Other opto-electronic cloud microphysics probe

Measurement(s) Clouds & Precipitation

Dimension and weight

External dimension
Weight 16.5


Operating mode In situ






- optical for the DOF selection: 2 concentric photodiodes of different diameters are used instead of the mask on the annulus diode.
- new electronics that measure for each droplet: the size, pulse duration and interarrival time, and the DOF flag.

Operational restriction

The acquisition system needs a few initialization operations before take off or during the flight if malfunctionning occurs - check list available.

Operational requirements

mounted on a PMS canister equipped with 2 amphenol connectors (8 and 24 CTS).
power supply 110 V 60 Hz and de-icing 110 V
standalone acquisition system that fits in a 19'' rack with less than 25'' of vertical space (14 kg)

Certification approvals

Same as the standard PMS FSSP-100.
Could be mounted in any aircraft equipped with PMS canister.

Additional information

contact Jean-Louis Brenguier
42 av. Coriolis, 31 057 Toulouse cedex FRANCE
Phone: +33 5 61 07 93 21
Fax : +33 5 61 07 96 27

Access, host and processing


available on request to Jean-Louis Brenguier

Could also fit on any aircraft having the following characteristics

General description

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