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Instrument: FAAM Clear Dome Eppley BBR

Name FAAM Clear Dome Eppley BBR
Acronym Eppley-PSP-0.3-3um-FAAM
Manufacturer Eppley
Operated by FAAM
Operated onboard

Instrument type

Name Broad Band Radiometer
Acronym BBR

Principle of operation

Measured parameter Hemispheric broadband radiance
Operating principle

Measures up-welling and/or down-welling incident radiation in visible/near infra-red

Measurement(s) Radiation

Dimension and weight

External dimension 202mm long 198mm diameter 135x140x230mm logging unit
Weight 3.0


Operating mode Remote sensing






Operational restriction

Operational requirements

The requirement is for a location with a minimum of obstruction to the hemispheric field of view of the radiometers, preferably away from radio transmitter antennas - the pyranometers (measuring solar radiation) are fitted with obscurers (to mask radiation from large obstructions) and the size of these can be minimized with careful choice of location

The instruments should be horizontal to within 3degrees when the aircraft is flying at the mean angle of attack. Airflow past the radiometer bodies is required to reduce thermal stabilization times.

Certification approvals

Approved by CAA for use on BAe 146-301.

Additional information

Access, host and processing


Available from FAAM

Could also fit on any aircraft having the following characteristics

General description

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