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Title An Analysis of Turbulent Heat Fluxes and the Energy Balance During the REFLEX Campaign
Type Publication

Three eddy covariance stations were installed at the Barrax experimental farm during the Land-Atmosphere Exchanges (REFLEX) airborne training and measurement campaign to provide ground truth data of energy balance fluxes and vertical temperature and wind profiles. The energy balance closure ratio (EBR) was 105% for a homogeneous camelina site, 86% at a sparse reforestation site, and 73% for a vineyard. We hypothesize that the lower closure in the last site was related to the limited fetch. Incorporating a vertical gradient of soil thermal properties decreased the RMSE of the energy balance at the camelina site by 16 W m−2. At the camelina site, eddy covariance estimates of sensible and latent heat fluxes could be reproduced well using mean vertical profiles of wind and temperature, provided that the Monin—Obukhov length is known. Measured surface temperature and sensible heat fluxes suggested high excess resistance for heat (kB−1 = 17).

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SU Zhongbo
VAN DER TOL Christiaan
Journal Acta Geophysica
Volume 63
Pages 1516-1539
Year 2015
Times cited None
Institute country Netherlands
Type of science
  • Agriculture
  • Biology and Ecology (includes animals and vegetation)
  • Radiation
  • Soil-Atmosphere interactions
Field of science
  • Biosphere
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