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Title Estimation of the advection effects induced by surface heterogeneities in the surface energy budget
Type Publication

The effect of terrain heterogeneities in one-point measurements is a continuous subject of discussion. Here we focus on the order of magnitude of the advection term in the equation of the evolution of temperature as generated by documented terrain heterogeneities and we estimate its importance as a term in the surface energy budget (SEB), for which the turbulent fluxes are computed using the eddy-correlation method. The heterogeneities are estimated from satellite and model fields for scales near 1 km or broader, while the smaller scales are estimated through direct measurements with remotely piloted aircraft and thermal cameras and also by high-resolution modelling. The variability of the surface temperature fields is not found to decrease clearly with increasing resolution, and consequently the ad- vection term becomes more important as the scales become finer. The advection term provides non-significant values to the SEB at scales larger than a few kilometres. In contrast, surface heterogeneities at the metre scale yield large values of the advection, which are probably only significant in the first centimetres above the ground. The motions that seem to contribute significantly to the advection term in the SEB equation in our case are roughly those around the hectometre scales.

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LOHOU Fabienne
REUDER Joachim
WRENGER Burkhard
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Journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Volume 16
Pages 9489-9504
Year 2016
Times cited 1
Institute country Spain
Type of science
  • Radiation
  • Soil-Atmosphere interactions
Field of science
  • Continental surface
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