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Title Importance and Considerations for the development of a composite Index of Ecological Integrity for ecological management
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Ecosystem organization is a very complex system. Naturalness of ecological systems is in a tremendous threat due to anthropogenic disturbances. It is important to understand the characteristics of anthropogenic disturbances which have been changing spatial processes and thus affecting the ecological integrity. A combination of science and policy, relating science with socio-economic perspectives is very much required to combat such challenges. An index of ecological integrity can be the right approach to monitor, evaluate and classify the state of the ecosystems in the broader scale for conservation planning. Such understanding can build up a bridge between stakeholders of different hierarchies and disciplines to work in the same platform. Therefore, this paper reviews and examines: (i) the characteristics of critical issues that are severe threats to regional landscapes, (ii) the consequences of such pressures on the components of ecosystem, and (iii) a brief outline for a composite index for ecological integrity. The objective is whether a composite index of ecological integrity (IEI) can be develop for the sustainable management planning for the conservation of natural resources in a broader scale.

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REZA Mohammad
Journal International Journal of Ecology and Development
Volume 28
Year 2014
Times cited 0
Institute country Malaysia
Type of science
  • Biology and Ecology (includes animals and vegetation)
  • Geology (includes soils)
Field of science
  • Biosphere
  • Continental surface
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