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Title Ricostruzione del paleoalveo del Fiume Serchio (Lucca, Italia) tramite rilievi Lidar, foto aeree ed immagini Quick Bird
Type Publication

In this work the palaeodrainage reconstruction of Serchio River has been performed, starting from present and historical geomorphological evidences. For this, aerial photos, orthophotos, Quick Bird satellite imageries, integrated with historical references have been utilized.
The orthorectification of all the imageries have been performed by utilizing a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) resulting from the elaboration of numeric topography at a scale of 1:10,000, topographic surveys (DGPS and levelling), and LIDAR aerial survey done in February and March 2005.
By the remote sensing data interpretation, the palaeodrainage channels of Serchio River have been reconstructed at a large scale for the whole area of Lucca plain. Through a GIS the whole dataset have been managed as geo-database, in order to highlight the spatial and temporal variations of palaeodrainage of Serchio River, producing thematic cartography.
LIDAR survey allowed us to generate a DDTM, 1m of spatial resolution, which has been utilized for three-dimensional elaborations, carried out in order to highlight the lowered areas in the Lucca plain, which correspond to the palaeodrainage of Serchio River.

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SALVINI Riccardo
E. Guastaldi, N. Coscini, N. Del Seppia
Journal Il Quaternario Italian Journal of Quaternary Sciences
Volume 19
Pages 299-310
Year 2006
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Institute country Italy
Type of science
  • Geology (includes soils)
Field of science
  • Continental surface
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