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Development of HYLIGHT tools

Under the Joint Research Activity - HYLIGHT dedicated to the integration of airborne hyperspectral imagery and laser scanning data to improve image processing and interpretation, the following tools were developed by the HYLIGHT working group. Tools can be downloaded by clicking on the name of the tool and after registration as a EUFAR member.


  Combined analyses of ALS and HSI 
Matching up ALS/HSI data PML

HYLIGHT Tool: ALS/HSI target matching tool

Purpose: Match near neighbours of ALS to HSI points and vice-versa.

ALS/HSI comparison toward calibration improvement (1) TU Vienna

HYLIGHT tool: opalsRadioCal

Purpose: Use Full Waveform information to compute reflectance for laser scanning points of extended targets

ALS/HSI comparison toward calibration improvement (2) TAU

HYLIGHT tool: LWIR radiance Planck fit + Approximate emissivity

Purpose: Planck curve fit + emissivity extraction

  HSI to improve ALS
ALS filtering using HSI PML, ONERA

HYLIGHT tool: ALS classification tool

Purpose: Improve classification of ALS using the HSI classifications. If data collected at same time then also classify cloud & haze.

Biomass estimation CVGZ

HYLIGHT tools: BiomassMapper tool

Purpose: Estimate tree biomass

  ALS to improve HSI
Advanced slope and aspect data for HSI processing using ALS INTA

HYLIGHT tool: SLP_ASP_calculator

Purpose: Improving the calculation of slope and aspect maps using ALS data and actual characteristics of HSI imagery

DSM for improved geometric correction VITO

HYLIGHT tool: DSM creator

Purpose: Create DSM from ALS data

3D atmospheric correction (1) ONERA


Purpose: Atmospheric correction of urban HSI images using ALS-derived DSM to account for 3D radiometric effects
Please contact, if you are interested in downloading ICARE-HS. After filling out a license agreement, ICARE-HS will be sent to you free of charge.

3D atmospheric correction (2) UZH

HYLIGHT tool: AtmoCorr3D (under development)

Purpose: Shadow correction for HSI images using 3D canopy structure parameters derived from ALS and a radiative transfer model.

Processing of ALS-derived DSM/DTM for HSI processing DLR

HYLIGHT tool: LAVA – LAS Variability tool

Purpose: Calculation of error margins of the DSM/DTM

Generation of shadow fraction (1) UZH

HYLIGHT tool: Irradiance fraction tool

Purpose: Estimation of direct and diffuse irradiance fraction for each HSI pixel using a radiative transfer modeling approach

Generation of shadow fraction (2) VITO

HYLIGHT tool: Shadow fraction tool

Purpose: Shadow fraction with LAS processing and put in same grid cell

Biophysical parameter retrieval UZH

HYLIGHT tool: PAI estimation tool

Purpose: Estimate voxel based plant area index (PAI) for the parameterization of the radiative transfer model DART

Tree classification VITO

HYLIGHT tool: Tree species classification tool

Purpose: Classify tree species using ALS-derived vegetation percentage height values (PHV) as additional layer


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