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EUFAR Presents - a webinar series on airborne science topics

EUFAR Presents - a series of webinars on airborne science topics

EUFAR is pleased to bring you a new series of webinars that will span a broad range of topics in airborne environmental science. It is hoped that these will be of broad appeal to the whole airborne science community and focus particularly on topics and issues where it is the airborne nature of measurments that is of fundamental interest. Hence, this will be a place to meet online and discuss, for example, airborne measurement campaigns, key measurement problems relating to scientific interests and new instrumentation techniques and developments.

Each webinar will last for about one hour with a presentation of 30-40 minutes duration so as to allow some discussion time afterwards. They will be hosted on a convenient online platform such as Microsoft Teams. We will ask you to register in advance for each webinar so as to obtain your consent in advance for recording them. We expect that webinar recordings will then be made available from the EUFAR website.

The first webinar will be on Wednesday 8 Dec 2021 (1400 GMT, 1500 CET) and will be given by Dirk Schuettemeyer (European Space Agency):

Satellite Mission Development and Validation: Capabilities and uncertainties of aircraft campaigns

You can access presentation and a recording of the first webinar at this link.

Event date: Dec. 8, 2021
Originally published on Oct. 27, 2021
Last update on Aug. 10, 2022

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