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The AEROCLO-sA project in Namibia awarded the BAMS cover page

Lights on the EUFAR SAFIRE operator and transnational access projects by young scientists!

The overview paper of the Aerosol RadiatiOn and CLOuds in southern Africa (AEROCLO-sA) research project has been published in the July 2019 issue of the Bull. Am. Met. Soc. Journal, a prestigious publication in the field, and has been highlighted by the cover page.

AEROCLO-sA, headed by lead scientist Paola Formenti (LISA) was based on a flight campaign conducted in Namibia in August-September 2017 by the French FALCON F20 research aircraft operated by SAFIRE, one of the EUFAR operators. It also clustered two EUFAR-funded research projects by young scientists, namely EriSMA (investigating the Effects of Satellite assimilation of dust in NMM-DREAM Model over SW Africa) and ALLDUST-SA (The Etosha Pan as an Alluvial Dust Source – A Sub-basin Analysis). The SAFIRE FALCON F20 aircraft carried a complete set of remote sensing instruments, including the high-spectral resolution LIDAR LNG and the OSIRIS polarised radiometer, the airborne demonstrator of the future spaceborne sensor 3MI onboard MetOp-SG. The aircraft flew 30 flight hours inland and over coastal Namibia, and performed 59 vertical soundings.

These new aircraft measurements, complemented by ground-based observations in Namibia, will improve regional climate model simulations and the understanding of the role of aerosols on the regional climate of the southeast Atlantic Ocean offshore southern Africa.

AEROCLO-sA has also produced a large novel dataset of aerosol and cloud properties retrieved from multispectral, multidirectional, and polarised remote sensing observations in preparation of the future spaceborne sensor 3MI onboard MetOp-SG..

Reference: Formenti, P., B. D’Anna, C. Flamant, M. Mallet, S.J. Piketh, K. Schepanski, F. Waquet, F. Auriol, G. Brogniez, F. Burnet, J. Chaboureau, A. Chauvigné, P. Chazette, C. Denjean, K. Desboeufs, J. Doussin, N. Elguindi, S. Feuerstein, M. Gaetani, C. Giorio, D. Klopper, M.D. Mallet, P. Nabat, A. Monod, F. Solmon, A. Namwoonde, C. Chikwililwa, R. Mushi, E.J. Welton, and B. Holben, 2019: The Aerosols, Radiation and Clouds in Southern Africa Field Campaign in Namibia: Overview, Illustrative Observations, and Way Forward. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 100, 1277–1298,

Originally published on Aug. 29, 2019
Last update on Dec. 9, 2019

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BAMS cover page - July 2019 issue

BAMS cover page - July 2019 issue

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