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WHISPERS 2018 Best Paper Award

As a result of the MASOMED ( MApping SOil variability within rainfed MEDiterranean agroecosystems using hyperspectral data) EUFAR 2017 measurement campaign supported by the EUFAR Transnational Access activity under the EUFAR2 EU FP7 project, the article:

"Mapping crop variability related to soil quality and crop stress within rainfed mediterranean agroecosystems using hyperspectral data"

was selected to receive a best paper award by the WHISPERS 2018 Committee.

The main objective of the MASOMED project is to map soil and crop variability related to crop stress and land management based on hyperspectral data within the visible near infrared as well as thermal infrared, in a Mediterranean agroecosystem affected by soil degradation. The selected paper, focusing on the Camarena test site (central Spain), shows the strong influence of soil quality on crop variability and production based on hyperspectral imagery and yield data.

The MASOMED team includes members from five different institutions (Helmholtz Center in Potsdam, Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientes y Tecnológicas - CIEMAT  in Madrid, Tel Aviv University, Experimental Station of arid zones of the Spanish Council of Scientific Researches and the Technical University of Denmark) that participate in the different tasks of the project.

This award shows the high quality of EUFAR data and science works, and demonstrates the usefulness of the EUFAR Network for airborne-based research in Europe.

Congratulations to Sabine Chabrillat, Thomas Schmid, Robert Milewski, Paula Escribano, Monica Garcia, Eyal Ben-Dor, Stephane Guillaso, Marta Pelayo, Andres Reyes, Veronica Sobejano-Paz and Marcos Jiménez Michavila who received this award in September 2018 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)!

For more information please contact Sabine Chabrillat

Event date: Nov. 13, 2018
Originally published on Nov. 13, 2018
Last update on May 14, 2019

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