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ENVRI community booth at EGU 2018

20 Environmental Research Infrastructures, including EUFAR, have decided to join their forces, demonstrate their collaboration, pool the resources and increase their visibility by organizing a second joint ENVRI community booth during the EGU General Assembly 2018. The booth will serve as a meeting point for the community, but also place where the science community can learn more about the Environmental and Earth system Research Infrastructures. The Research Infrastructures will present themselves and their services through the talks organized around the grand challenges. The final list of grand challenges, and most importantly, the booth agenda will be available on the ENVRIplus and ENVRI community websites. 

The community booth will be in the same exhibition location as last year (booths 2&3, right next to the entrance of the EGU venue). Contact ENVRIplus for further questions or requests.

Make sure you follow the ENVRI booth hashtags: #ENVRIsolutions #ENVRIcomm 

Event date: April 8, 2018
Originally published on March 15, 2018
Last update on July 25, 2018

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