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EUFAR future Joint Research Activities

EUFAR conducts Joint Research Activities (JRA) that are directed towards the advancement of airborne environmental science observations and their exploitation by the research community. Information on current and previous JRAs can be found at this link.

EUFAR invites Expressions of Interest (EoI) in future Joint Research Activities (JRA) relating to aspects of airborne research in environmental and geo-sciences. The general nature of such activities is that they should involve multiple partners in a number of European countries - these partners may include, but are not in any way limited to, members of the present EUFAR consortium. They should aim to deliver outcomes that benefit a broad cross-section of the airborne environmental research community, including both the in-situ study of atmopsheric processes and remote-sensing of land or water surfaces. We envisage that EoIs may fall into one of two broad categories:

  1. Activities connected to the improvement of data quality, the development of novel data products from existing airborne instrumentation or the development of improved calibration techniques or equipment. The current JRAs of the EUFAR consortium are in this category.
  2. Activities leading to the development of novel measurement devices or systems for airborne environmental science in both of the broad areas of in-situ measurement and remote-sensing. This could include the development, testing and intercomparison on manned aircraft of devices or systems capable of future use on UAVs.

Proposed JRAs should be capable of commencement in early 2018 or 2019 and to be completed within a timescale of between 2 and 4 years. Whilst no financial detail is required at this stage, they may have an indicative budget of up to €750k when all the required personnel time is included. They should involve a minimum of 3 partner organisations from different countries. These organisations can include, but are not restricted to, members of the present EUFAR consortium.

EoIs should be no longer than the equivalent of 4 sides of A4. It would be helpful if they could include some general background information, a general description of the project and some indication of proposed or potential partner organisations. Whilst there is no formal closing date for submission, those submitted by the end of September 2017 may be discussed at a EUFAR meeting planned for early October. They may be submitted online using this web-form.

Originally published on May 24, 2017
Last update on March 29, 2018

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EUFAR future Joint Research Activities

EUFAR future Joint Research Activities

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