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Guide on Technology Transfer Issues for R&D partnership

EUFAR’s TTO activity seeks to support the transfer of technology between experts in airborne measurements and industry partners. Each year 2 to 3 promising technologies will be selected and studied for presentation to industry representatives, who will thereafter be invited to attend presentations by EUFAR experts on their most innovative research developments. These workshops will be an opportunity for experts and industry representatives to closely interact and develop partnerships for upgrading airborne research instruments, methodologies and software into innovative and useful products.

A guide on technology transfer prepared by Florin Paun - the former TTO activity leader (ONERA) and has been made available on the EUFAR website. The guide specifically addresses the EUFAR scientist community, and showcases the operating existing markets and the long time to market (10 years+) specificity to successfully implement a new technology. Click here, to access the guide (open to all EUFAR members).

Are you part of EUFAR's community of scientists and interested in transferring your technology? Download the technology sheet template by clicking here and send it to or Cecile Gaillard, the TTO coordinator - today!

Originally published on Sept. 6, 2016
Last update on Sept. 19, 2017

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