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ICCP & EUFAR Expert Workshop on Data Processing, Analysis & Presentation of Software of Cloud Probes

The International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation (ICCP) together with the EUFAR Expert Working Group dedicated to In Situ Characterisation of Cloud and Precipitation Particles are organising a 2-day workshop on data processing, analysis and presentation of software of cloud probes, prior to the 17th International Conference on Clouds & Precipitation.  

The workshop will take place in Manchester from 23 to 24 July 2016. Click here to see the workshop agenda.


The 2014 workshop on analysis of cloud measurements confirmed that there is a

serious lack of consistency in not only what correction/analysis algorithms are applied to cloud measurements but also in how they are implemented. An informal poll at the close of the meeting indicated that the majority of the participants were supportive of action to bring consensus, when possible, to issues related to “best practices” when processing data and reporting results. This is the motivation for this workshop.


The particular objectives of this meeting are as follows:

1. Identify those processing algorithms that are critical for producing results with the

lowest uncertainties.

2. Reach consensus on optimum practices for as many of these algorithms as possible, including all aspects of their implementation and documentation.

3. Identify aspects of algorithms that cannot be optimised in general and that must be set for individual probes or individual datasets

4. Organise a working group (similar to or possibly complementary to the EUFAR EWG group) that will oversee the development and maintenance of a data base of processing algorithms and, if supported by community consensus, direct the development of a common data processing and analysis package that will incorporate all the algorithms identified in objective (1)


The expected products of this meeting are:

  • A document that describes those processing algorithms that have been approved by the consensus of participants at the meeting and via a questionnaire that will be sent to the cloud physics community at large.
  • A new working group whose responsibilities will be clearly defined. Some members will be drawn from participants at the workshop while others may come from the cloud physics community at large.
  • If accepted by the workshop majority, a new data processing and analysis system will be defined with an outline of its future structure and implementation.

Organising Committee

Christiane Voigt (EUFAR Leader of EWG on In Situ Characterisation of Cloud and Precipitation Particles)

Darrel Baumgardner (Droplet Measurement Technologies (DMT))

Greg McFarquar (University of Illinois)


36 participants are expected to attend the meeting. Click here to view the preliminary list of participants.

To participate in the workshop or for more information, contact Darrel Baumgardner.

Event date: July 23, 2016
Originally published on June 23, 2016
Last update on Sept. 15, 2016

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