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Summary of AHSPECT field experiment

Under the framework of EUFAR’s transnational access programme, the research campaign AHSPECT carried out airborne measurements over agro-forestry areas in southwestern France, along with intercomparisons using ground-based measurements at the landscape scale for the assessment of agricultural health, physiology and satellite products validation.

The AHSPECT field experiment comprises two components:

  • an airborne campaign on two different dates (23 June & October 2015) using NERC/ARSF’s Dornier DO228 aircraft with a hyperspectral optical camera (FENIX), a thermical (OWL) camera plus a lidar mounted onboard.
  • a ground campaign over anchor stations to characterise the vegetation during the flight overpasses.

 Click here to access the summary report on the AHSPECT research experiment.

Originally published on March 29, 2016
Last update on Sept. 21, 2016

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AHSPECT research campaign - Projection of orthorectified FENIX scene

AHSPECT research campaign - Projection of orthorectified FENIX scene

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