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EUFAR Transnational Access update

A new set of Calls for Proposals for Transnational Access to EUFAR aircraft is now open and can be accessed from the TA Application page.

Potential applicants should note that there is a further opportunity to apply for flight time in polar regions (2016/17 Antarctic summer and 2017 Arctic summer). This Call has a closing date of 31 May 2016.

Other Calls for the use of small, low-cost aircraft, for earth-observation studies and for applications of airborne in-situ measurements will remain open until 31 May 2017. Proposals will be reviewed as soon as possible after submission and accepted subject to their meeting overall standards through peer-review and whilst sufficient funding remains within the available budget.

We encourage applications that are linked to multi-disciplinary research activities supported through the Transnational Access programs of other environmental research infrastructures such as ACTRIS and ENVRIplus. Applicants should describe such linkages clearly in their applications.


EUFAR2 Operator INTA's CASA 212 aircraft

INTA's CASA 212 aircraft

Originally published on March 1, 2016
Last update on Jan. 25, 2017

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Safire's ATR42 aircraft (part of the EUFAR2 transnational access fleet)

Safire's ATR42 aircraft (part of the EUFAR2 transnational access fleet)

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