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Extension of User-Support

The EUFAR networking activity “Standards and Protocols” is tasked with the compilation of standards, protocols, guidelines and open source software tools in order to adopt a good practice approach within the field of airborne research. One prerequisite for this package of good practices was to be in consensus with international initiatives towards standardisation and harmonisation. A detailed examination of the current situation has been carried out and two documents have been generated so far that will be continuously updated.

  1. Review on existing standards and compatibility check 
  2. Best practices for airborne research

The Standards & Protocols team also proposes a set of tools dedicated to the processing of in-situ data (EGADS) and the creation of INSPIRE compliant metadata for in-situ and hyperspectral data (EMC and ASMM) freely accessible on or via the EUFAR website.

EUFAR will not only support new and inexperienced users but also contribute to harmonise the structure and methods of operating research infrastructures.

In addition to the good practices, EUFAR users are provided with a glossary including the definitions of common airborne research terms and abbreviations, as well as links to the most import online resources related to remote sensing terms.

Originally published on Feb. 15, 2016
Last update on Sept. 13, 2016

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