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Scientific working group reports from the SWAMP summer school are now available on the EUFAR website!

The 6th EUFAR Training Course, jointly financed and organised together with the COST Action OPTIMISE and ESA took place from 6 to 16 July 2015. Entitled, "Spectrometry of a Wetland And Modelling of Photosynthesis with Hyperspectral Airborne Reflectance and Fluorescence (SWAMP)", the training course was hosted by the Poznan University of Life Sciences in Obrzycko-Rzecin near the instrumented POLWET wetland study site, Poland.

This training course aimed to educate and train the participants on how to plan and conduct an airborne research and (near-)ground validation campaign and how to use the collected data. The training courses also included an airborne campaign with the APEX imaging spectroradiometer mounted in the DLR Dornier 228 aircraft and the HYPLANT on-board the CzechGlobe aircraft, combined with a concurrent ground campaign and near-ground campaign with small UAV platforms at the instrumented POLWET wetland study site.

During the training course, participants were split into 5 scientific groups based on the following themes:

1. Field and airborne spectroscopy and its application to remote sensing of a wetland environment

2. Retrieval of biophysical parameter (LAI) from remote sensed data

3. Field spectroscopy survey results: to infer and map the spatial patterns of the productivity from fluoresence and reflectance for this specific ecosystem

4. Data acquisition and processing: linking spectroscopy with plants and biophysical parameters through inverse and forward modelling

5. Spectral characterisation of different marsh land vegetation types with multi-angular UAV measurements

The working groups, each assisted by an expert scientist, met regularly during the 10-day course to work on their thematic area. At the end of the course, each group gave a presentation.

Following the training course, each group was given 6 months to produce a report. Click here to access the 5 scientific group reports (accessible to registered EUFAR members).

Originally published on Jan. 20, 2016
Last update on June 27, 2016

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