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EUFAR training opportunities

EUFAR's Education & Training Activity provides the opportunity for students, early-stage researchers and lecturers to join an existing research campaign, and work with an experienced research team and an aircraft/instrument operator. The list of research campaigns open to interested applicants is available on the planning of the EUFAR fleet page. The access offered includes general training by the hosting aircraft operator (on instruments, organisation of the campaign, data analysis, etc). To be eligible, applicants must work/study in an institution established in a European Member State or Associated State and in a country other than the legal entity(ies) operating the selected aircraft. Interested in joining an existing campaign? Click here for more information.

EUFAR also supports the opportunity for aircraft/instrument operators to exchange personnel (typically a 1-week visit), in order to share their knowledge and know-how (about instrument calibration, data acquisition, etc) during field campaigns or tests at a ground facility. For more information, click here.

Originally published on Nov. 6, 2015
Last update on March 29, 2018

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