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Trainee Joanna's experience in the SWAMP Training Course

The SWAMP training course that took place in Obrzycko in Poland was a very interesting, challenging and detailed training that consisted of a combination of lectures, equipment demonstrations, modelling and field work, including flight measurements. I really liked the idea of linking both theoretical and practical activities at the same time. Every trainee was assigned to a well-balanced scientific team; this meant that young scientists at the beginning of their PhD studies could work with more experienced colleagues and with the help of supervisors could easily design a successful experiment.

I was positively surprised about the amount of advanced equipment that was brought together for trainees to be used for field measurements. The fieldwork was linked to the airborne campaign that allowed us to plan real experiments. Designing different experiments with my team was another fantastic aspect that let me learn and put to practice what I learnt during the lectures and tutorials. In the few very intense days, we prepared, performed and acquired a lot of data (e.g. UAVs spectral and thermal images; airborne images; fluorescence, chlorophyll, spectral and LAI measurements) that we could use for modelling with the ARTMO, SCOPE or SPECCHIO models.

Lastly, the SWAMP course was focused on the wetland ecosystem at the POLWET (Rzecin) site. Such ecosystems are part of my PhD research, therefore every performed experiment during the course is applicable to my work, and this training has inspired me with many new ideas!


Joanna Suliga, PhD student at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB ), Belgium


SWAMP Trainee Joanna Suliga

Originally published on Sept. 21, 2015
Last update on Nov. 15, 2016

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