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Expert Workshop on Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) Software, 20-21 Nov 2014, Vienna, Austria

VITO, the EUFAR Joint Research Activity HYLIGHT coordinator, in collaboration with the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) organised a two-day expert workshop on Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) software in November 2014. Hosted by Prof Norbert Pfeifer and Dr Christian Briese at the premises of TU Vienna, the meeting brought together 18 participants from nine different countries.

The meeting served to bring together developers, both experts and early researchers, of software tools for ALS data and experts in processing airborne hyperspectral images, present state-of-the-art in full-wave form ALS processing, and introduce and provide training in ALS software tools.

Part of the discussions, during the workshop, examined recommendations for HYLIGHT (the Integration of airborne hyperspectral imagery and laser scanning data to improve image processing and interpretation) such as strategies for optimal ALS and hyperspectral data processing and fusion, including the development of EUFAR toolboxes.

Four different Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) software solutions were presented and discussed during the workshop: Pktools, OPALS, SPDlib and the Las13 waveform reader. The participants were introduced to different data processing examples and selected LiDAR raw data sets dealing with typical shortcomings and properties of raw LiDAR data for a better understanding of issues related to LiDAR processing. The participants brainstormed to make recommendations on how to overcome the diversity of these software solutions as although targeting the same input data, these solutions differ significantly in terms of underlying software concepts and scope.

Overall it was a fruitful meeting and ideas for the next meeting include presenting processed LiDAR data sets in order to give participants an opportunity to identify further processing issues which can be directly discussed with LiDAR experts present at the meeting.

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ALS software workshop group photo

ALS workshop group photo

Event date: Nov. 20, 2014
Originally published on Dec. 2, 2014
Last update on Sept. 15, 2016

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