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Family name AMIRIDIS
Name Vassilis
Nationality Greece
Name National Observatory of Athens
Department Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing
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Institution description The Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing (ISARS) is one of the five Institutes of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA), the oldest research centre in Greece, established in 1842. NOA is the Greek Focal Point for the Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS) and it furthermore hosts the UNESCO Chair for Natural Disasters. ISARS is a research institute with high scientific capabilities and in-house expertise in multidisciplinary space and environmental sciences. The members of all Research groups have broad expertise on ground and space-borne Remote Sensing techniques and applications and they are participating in a number of Earth Observation- related projects. The primary mission of the Earth Observation and Remote Sensing group at ISARS, is to collect and fruitfully exploit space and ground-based derived data and provide information and services to citizens and decision makers, interested to know about the state of Earth's environment and air quality. In the domain of atmospheric research, ISARS operates the ground-based Atmospheric Remote Sensing Station (ARSS) to monitor aerosol loads over the city of Athens, which is operational since February 2009, using a CIMEL sunphotometer (part of the AERONET network) and a UV-MFR radiometer. In the domain of atmospheric-related satellite remote sensing, data from MODIS and CALIPSO sensors are collected and processed. ISARS is one of the few research institutions in Greece that implement innovative research in the area of aerosol characterization using high quality ground-based and space-borne active and passive remote sensing measurements. Latest research addresses the potential of retrieving aerosol microphysical properties from both active and passive remote sensing optical data.
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Address Metaxa & Vas. Paulou str. GR-15236, Penteli, Greece
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