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Family name JAKOVELS
Name Dainis
Nationality Latvia
Name Institute fo Environmental Solutions
Department Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory
Town Priekuli Parish/County
Country Latvia
Institution legal status Public Research Organisation
Institution description The core of IES is an international network of scientists, artists, engineers and practitioners who care for environment. We create ad hoc multidisciplinary teams to design and develop customized innovative environmental solutions. We employ modern technologies, reflective practice and multi-stakeholder involvement. IES has developed an airborne remote sensing laboratory named ARSENAL. It was launched in October, 2013. ARSENAL integrates eight mutually operable sensors - hyperspectral imagers in 380-5000nm spectral range, broad-band imagers in UV-A/B and TIR spectral range, LiDAR and high resolution RGB camera.
Contact information
Address „Lidlauks”, Priekuli Parish/County, LV-4101
Phone hidden

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