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Family name JUNKERMANN
Name Wolfgang
Nationality Germany
Name Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Department Institut e of Meteorology and Climate Research, IMK- IFU
Town Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Institution legal status
Institution description The Institut of Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK-IFU) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is involved into atmospheric research since 1972, formerly Fraunhofer Institute. Main areas of activity are biosphere atmosphere interactions, remote sensing of trace gases and particles, investigations of emissions and process studies within the troposphere. The institute operates mountain field sites in the vicinity (e.g Zugspitze, 3000 m a.s.l) where within the framework of NDSC instruments are operated like LDAR, fourier transform spectrometers or UVB spectroradiometers. The activities include also the twinning for WMO Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) stations in South Africa and Kenya and the quality assurance and quality control center for Europe and Africa. The institute owns ultralight research aircraft, equipped for aerosol and radiation studies.
Contact information
Address Kreuzeckbahnstr. 19, 82467 Germany
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