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Hyperspectral remote sensing, data processing and analysis training course image

Hyperspectral remote sensing

Hyperspectral remote sensing, data processing and analysis training course
Publisher: Ils Reusen (VITO) & NCEO, BAS, PML
Producer: Other
Status: Ready to use


An online course for PhD students and early stage researchers developed by Dr Alasdair Mac Arthur (NCEO-FSF, U. of Edinburg), Dr Gary Llewellyn (BAS NARF), Mr Ben Taylor (NARF-DAN-PML), Dr Jose Gormez-Dans (NCEO-UCL), prof . Martin Wooster (NCEO-KCL)

The education material includes presentations and videos on:

  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Flight planning and cal/val
  • Field sampling strategies
  • NERC hyperspectral instruments
  • Atmospheric corrections
  • ATCOR4
  • Hyperspectral data processing and use of APL
  • Introduction to radiative transfer modelling
  • Radiative transfer of leaves and canopies
  • Inferring the characteristics of the surface from optical data

Hyperlink to the  ACS-training videos


Hands-on lessons for PhD students and early-stage researchers developed by Dr. Ils Reusen (VITO)

Hands-on lessons and data for airborne hyperspectral remote sensing:

Lesson 1a : Atmospheric corrections
Lesson 1b : Geometric corrections
Lesson  2  : Data preparation
Lesson  9  : The colour of leaves
Lesson 10 : Classification of vegetation species using spectral similarity measures
Lesson 11 : Statistical techniques for classifying vegetation species
Lesson 12 : Submerged colours
Lesson 13 : Atmospheric correction for water bodies
Lesson 14 : Sediment concentration mapping




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