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Aircraft operator

Gromov Flight Research Institute
Name Gromov Flight Research Institute
Acronym GFRI
Country Russian Federation
Contact GRIGORYEV Maksim

Main activities

1. Methodical and metrological support of the all kinds of aircraft and helicopters flight testing, especially for crtical flight modes.
2. Flight safety, reliability, maintainability and other aircraft operating capabilities.
3. Electromagnetic interference and lightning protection.
4. Life support and emergency escape systems.
5. Fuel and fire-protection systems.
6. Aircraft engines flight tests.
7. Ground support equipment.
8. Flight data recorders (FDR/CVR).
9. Test Pilots school.
10. Certification center.
11. Investigations of aircraft influence on environment.


Data processing

Real time raw information onboard recording. Real time flight experiment control via telemetry up- and down- links. Postflight data processing with secondary data treatment. Final quantitative metrics calculation.


Onboard flight engineers training is provided along with ground personnel training.

Gound infrastructure

GFRI has got 4 hangars, a lot of offices, meeting room etc.

Additional services

Flying testbeds modification and instrumentation for special flight research. The development of the specialized software for flight data processing.
Test pilots training.

Aircraft contact GRIGORYEV Maksim
Instruments contact GRIGORYEV Maksim
Calibration facilities contact GRIGORYEV Maksim
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