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European Facility For Airborne Research Aug. 10, 2022, 05:00

Overall Coordination

Coordination & Management of EUFAR2 and its Consortium

Météo-France is responsible for the EUFAR2 project administration and coordination, and the Met Office is tasked with the scientific coordination. Part of the management group's task is to organise the Steering Committee and the annual General Assembly meetings.

The EUFAR Office, hosted by Météo-France, will support partners with the overall legal, ethical, financial and administrative management including, for each of the partners, obtaining of certificates on financial statements, and on the methodology and costs relating to financial audits and technical reviews.


Coordination of Networking and Research Activities

The EUFAR2 (2014-2018) project consists of 9 networking and 2 joint research activities, which are coordinated by assigned leaders working in the EUFAR2 partner consortium.


Coordination of the Expert Working Groups

There are 12 expert working groups under the current project which involve scientific experts in airborne measurements from the academic and aircraft operator communities. EWG leaders organise workshops to exchange knowledge on measurement principles, calibration and operation of the instruments, data processing and analysis, to identify gaps and to suggest priorities in terms of development of new instruments.


Coordination of the Strategic Advisory Committee

A Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) is constituted of representatives of the national academic research organisations, international environmental organisations and industry players, which. The SAC will convene on at least 3 occasions over the course of the current project. The members of the SAC will evaluate the outcome of the project and EUFAR2 plans, and establish a list of research priorities to be supported by the transnational access activities as well as designate its representatives in the transnational access User Group Selection Panel.

Group designation Type Leader
Data Archive EUFAR Activity GARLAND Wendy
E-Communication EUFAR Activity PAWLOWSKA Hanna
Education & Training EUFAR Activity REUSEN Ils
Expert Working Groups EUFAR Activity WENDISCH Manfred
Future of the Fleet EUFAR Activity CAIRO Francesco
Standards & Protocols EUFAR Activity HOLZWARTH Stefanie
Strategy & European Integration EUFAR Activity BROWN Phil
Technology Transfer EUFAR Activity GAILLARD Cecile
Transnational & Open Access Coordination EUFAR Activity BROWN Phil
Hyperspectral imagery & Airborne Laser Scanning (HYLIGHT) JRA Group REUSEN Ils
Traceability in Gas-phase Observations (TGOE) JRA Group MCQUAID Jim
EUFAR2 Project Management Management Group GERARD Elisabeth
EUFAR2 Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Management Group BROWN Phil
EUFAR2 Steering Committee Management Group GERARD Elisabeth
Calibration / Validation Expert Working Group MALTHUS Tim
Certification / Operations Expert Working Group GRATTON Guy
Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems / UAS Expert Working Group REUDER Joachim
Quality Assurance / Control Expert Working Group SCHLAGER Hans georg
Measurement of Aircraft State, and Thermodynamic and Dynamic Parameters Expert Working Group ZOGER Martin
In Situ Trace Gas Measurements Expert Working Group MCQUAID Jim
In Situ Measurements of Aerosol Particles Expert Working Group FORMENTI Paola
In Situ Characterisation of Cloud and Precipitation Particles Expert Working Group VOIGT Christiane
Aerosol and Cloud Particle Sampling Expert Working Group KRAEMER Martina
Atmospheric Radiation and Remote Sensing Measurements Expert Working Group RUHTZ Thomas
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Expert Working Group BEN DOR Eyal
Lidar and Radar Observations Expert Working Group DELANOE Julien
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