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EUFAR - RSS Channels

To easily keep track of news and happenings within the EUFAR community and beyond, simply subscribe to the relevant RSS feed below by clicking and copying the link in your RSS Feed Reader (that you may need to install beforehand). Alternatively, depending on your website browser, you can simply subscribe to a RSS feed by clicking on the link directly. This will add an icon to your website too bar which will give you direct access to a list of available RSS feeds that you have subscribed to.

EUFAR website RSS Feeds:


What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way to disseminate information published on the web. RSS feeds are delivered in the form of email messages containing a title, short description and a hyperlink, providing a link to the full website article.  To read RSS feeds, special programmes are required (the so-called RSS Readers) that are similar to e-mail programmes. Alternatively, if your web browser allows it, you can subscribe to an RSS feed, that will then appear on your browser toolbar.

How to use EUFAR RSS feeds?

To receive EUFAR RSS feeds, copy the relevant RSS feed link in the RSS Feed Reader. If your computer does not have a RSS Reader, you will have to download and install one. For example, by subscribing to a specific EUFAR RSS website feed, you will automatically receive the latest information and all updates that appear in the selected section.

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