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particle number concentration: The number of particles present in a given volume of air.

particle size distribution: The relative, size sorted number of particles present in a given volume of air.

pitch: The rotation of an aircraft or spacecraft about the horizontal axis normal to its longitudinal axis (in the along-track direction) so as to cause a nose-up or nose-down attitude.

pixel: Picture element. A single element of a digital image data set.

photo response non uniformity: Variation in sensitivity of pixels of a detector concerning a stable, homogeneous light source.

point spread function (PSF): The inferring of spatial characteristics of the instrument from the collected image of a point source such as a star.

polarization: The polarization describes the orientation of oscillations of waves and is an attribute of light.

pre-processing: Commonly used to describe the correction and processing of sensor data prior to information extraction.

protocol: A predefined procedural method in the design and implementation of experiments.

pushbroom: A method of taking remote sensing data by composing an image of information taken by line scanners.

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