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backscatter: Scattering of radiation (or particles) through angles greater than 90° with respect to the original direction of motion.

band-to-band co-registration: Describes the geometric matching of different spectral bands of one image or scene.

bandwidth: Width of a spectral feature as measured by a spectroscopic instrument.

batch processing: Pertaining to the technique of executing a set of computer programs such that each program of the set is completed before the next program of the set is started; loosely, sequential processing.

bidirectional reflectance: A unitless measure of the ratio of incoming to outgoing radiation created from converting a radiometrically calibrated image to an innate characteristic of the target being observed. After removing the atmospheric component of calibrated at-satellite spectral radiance, bidirectional reflectance distribution functions (BRDFs), bidirectional reflectance, and bidirectional reflectance factors (BRF) attempt to take into account target-related differences in reflectance as a function of four sources of variability of non-Lambertian surfaces: solar zenith and azimuthal irradiance angles and sensor viewing zenith and azimuthal angles.

BIL: Band Interleaved by Line. A common data format used in hyperspectral remote sensing where the pixel information is stored band by band for each line.

black body: An ideal body which, if it existed, would be a perfect absorber and a perfect radiator, absorbing all incident radiation, reflecting none, and emitting radiation at all wavelengths.

BRDF: Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (see bidirectional reflectance).

BRF: Bidirectional Reflectance Factors (see bidirectional reflectance).

boresight alignment: A process of adjusting the optical axis to the centre of the Field of View.

BSQ: Band SeQuential. A common data format used in hyperspectral remote sensing where the data is stored band by band.

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